Micro-SaaS #2, GhostiFi server_check.py

Micro-SaaS #2, GhostiFi server_check.py

In this post I am sharing how I’ve integrated a WordPress SaaS subscription frontend with my Python backend for GhostiFi, a VPS VPN service that I am building. I query the database from Python once every minute on a cron and then compare the server table and wp_edd_subscriptions table in order to determine when to trigger a server create, rebuild, or destroy function/method.

This is part 4 of a series of posts that I am writing about developing my second SaaS business. I launched my first SaaS, a UniFi hosting platform, in May of this year and now have over 100 paying customers on that service.

In part 2, I wrote a step-by-step pseudo code overview of how the entire application would work. In this post, I share the actual code for this section of it.

Here is what that looks like in Python.


This is a much better approach than how I wrote HostiFi’s code because I made some fancier SQL statements with joins. Last time I wrote 2 different queries for each (one for subscriptions, one for servers) and looped over them, which was less efficient but worked the same.

Closing thoughts

If you have any feedback on how I could improve this, please let me know in the comments section!

I am also looking for feedback on the concept itself, as well as beta testers. Please sign up for the newsletter at https://ghostifi.net if you are interested.